Bank Muccadumm

Highly skilled professional, keeping the bank’s interest as a top priority, provides Macadam services under strict management controls and a system of checks and balances, commitment and supervision.


We carry out inspection of hypothecated and pledged stocks and carry out stock valuations as well. The basic objectives of stock inspections are quality check, quantity verification and monetary valuation if required. Physical inspection confirms that the client is maintaining appropriate checks and controls over the pledged stocks if goods are kept by the client, or a third party on client’s behalf also, that the inventory value is sufficient to cover and secure the loan facility given to client.


Under this the company provides marine & cargo survey services covering On/Off Hire, Draft, Break-bulk Surveys, Cargo Measurements, Investigation into Marine Casualties & Losses, Surveys under General Average, P&I Investigations, Stowage & Securing Arrangement on Ship & Marine Crafts.


Services consist of Pre-shipment Inspection of Agro products, Oils, Engineering & Manufactured goods, Minerals & Ores where volume, weight and quality as per specications are ensured. Pre-shipment Inspection of Refrigerated cargoes such as Marine Products, Fruits & Vegetables are also carried out.